Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Road to Transylvania 2014 pt.1

Today's post is from Paul Stevens, a long-time Yes To Life supporter who is taking part in our cycle adventure to Transylvania in September 2014 and hoping to raise lots of money on the way!

I have begun my Romania training in earnest. I have started cycling to work again!!!

I live in Potters Bar and work near Oxford Circus. Getting up at 6am, cleaning my teeth and donning my lycra ready for the ride is hard, I don't deny it. It is however of great benefit as when I get home at night I don't have to train…Amazing!!

The great thing about this kind of training is two-fold. Firstly, all I want to do is get into work in the mornings and all I want to do at night is get home, so I push just that little bit harder on each journey, which makes for great ''interval training''. There are also a lot of other cyclists about, so it brings out the unspoken ''competitor'' in me, as I strive to catch up with people in front and not let others cruise past. The primary thing is stamina and leg strength, you need to get your legs used to constantly spinning. Nothing beats getting out on your bike, but if that's not convenient try a spin class or two, either instead of or as well as getting out riding.

Try going out with a friend. Cycling isn't always the most sociable of sports, especially as riding two abreast is frowned upon, but there are times when having company (in front or behind) can be a Godsend. Whenever you're out, remember to take a pump, a spare inner tube and at least two tyre levers and a box spanner or multi-tool just in case! If you get stuck you'll find many cyclists will be happy to stop and offer help, it's a lovely community to be part of.

Finally, remember, the charity ride is not a race. It’s not about who gets there first, it's about us all getting there together, safely to the finish.

The days will be long in the saddle, but on a typical day there will be a hearty breakfast before the off. Check your bike's ready and hit the road around 9am. Stop for a coffee maybe around 11am and then lunch at a convenient spot. You have never had a picnic until you have one with Adventure Cafe. Legendary. Plain local food will never taste so good! More spinning and maybe an afternoon stop before getting to the hotel, having a quick shower and change before finding a suitable restaurant for dinner. You will enjoy whatever you eat as your body will deserve sustenance by then. Next day, do it all over again!

Finally, your body will know it's the last day and the physical tiredness you never felt before will kick in, overtaken however by the elation of an amazing adventure and great personal achievement. Lifelong friends made with memories of an amazing country explored.

Come and join us. A great cause to ride for and a great personal achievement that will provide a lifetime of memories.

Please sponsor Paul on his cycle ride for Yes to Life here.

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