Words from our Founder

In this section our founder and chairman Robin Daly shares his insights on the latest developments at Yes to Life and in the field of Integrative cancer care. 

You can follow him on Twitter at @RMK_Daly

Lively times for the pharmaceutical industry

Robin is backing the Dying for a Cure campaign to urge the UK Government to implement measures to tackle the conflicts of interest between profits and public health in cancer care.

'Another One Bites the Dust: The Demise of the Off-Patent Drugs Bill'

Robin discusses some of his own views on the recent important issues surrounding the Off-Patents Drugs Bill.

'The C Word - Your questions answered' at Camexpo 2015

An introduction to the panel we will be hosting at this years Camexpo.

Re-purposing old drugs for cancer: sometimes old ‘uns can be good ‘uns

Robin discusses how the re-purposing of drugs could unlock new potentials for treating cancer.

10 Great Things about Yes to Life's First 10 Years

In case you didn't already know, in June 2015 Yes to Life is celebrating its 10th birthday. In this post our founder and chairman Robin Daly shares his top 10 great things about Yes to Life's first 10 years.

'Tripping Over the Truth' - A Review

Robin's review of the recently published 'Tripping Over the Truth: the Metabolic Theory of Cancer' by Travis Christofferson.

The Mail on Sunday, Yes to Life and that ‘quack Vitamin C cancer therapy’

Robin challenges an article written about Yes to Life and Vitamin C. He shares the story of trying to hold the newspaper to account and gives us some the evidence as to why Vitamin C therapy is far from quackery.

Yes to Life Responds to the Latest Macmillan Report

Robin's comment in response to the recent Macmillan report which revealed that there are now a record 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK.

Why Panorama's 'Can You Cure my Cancer?' is missing the point

Robin's response to the recent BBC Panorama documentary 'Can you Cure my Cancer?'

Yes to Life - Ten Years On

In this post, Robin discusses how the charity came into being, the journey it has taken in the last decade and the personal reasons he is determined to see it continue to grow.

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