Thursday, 21 July 2016

An invitation to share your life changing stories

Today's post is from Delyth, co-founder of an app we love called 'This Changed Me' - a space for people to share anything that has inspired change in their lives. Delyth got in touch with Yes to Life following her own experience with cancer in her family and would like to share the story of how this changed her life too.

It was nearly two years ago that my mum was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, to say that we were shocked is an understatement. I felt my world dissolve under my feet, I allowed the terror to come in and had a couple of complete melt downs. I remember seeing mum for the first time after we received the diagnosis and weeping on her shoulder, she stroked my hair.  I was very much her child and feeling like a child in that moment, not the 40 year old I was at that time.

Mum was amazing and still is.

The way she dealt with the diagnosis and the treatment was head on; her positivity and belief throughout was inspirational. Mum is a glass half full woman. She is incredibly positive and her mindset was strong and infallible even in dark moments.

The way I dealt with this was immediately to search for information – WHAT CAN WE DO to encourage the best outcome. I discovered that there was a lot that we could do – an incredible amount – this was empowering and gave us hope. What I uncovered was life changing in terms of how we managed mum’s treatment and how we are now.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Feel-good Treats Declared by Cancer Survivors!

Today's blog is from Anjana Nathwani, the founder of Athena Business Psychologists, who talks about the importance of treats for people living with cancer and beyond.

Anjana Nathwani
As a two-time survivor of cancer, I believe it is important to treat oneself! Emotional well-being is an important part of the healing process and treats have that feel-good factor, which reminds us that Life is a Luxury!

I am now working with people who have been through the cancer experience and have returned to work.  I have spoken with 100 plus people on what they consider is a treat!  Overwhelmingly most people commented that what they once took for granted they now consider a valuable treat.  I was astonished and yet agreed.  And these are my top five treats:

#Music - this was number one on everyone’s list.  Time to wind down and chill with favourite tunes and melodies.  15 minutes every evening to soothe the mind and forget the happenings of the day! This process of emptying with music allows the brain to recharge.