Friday, 31 October 2014

'Your mouth is a window to your health' - Holistic Dentistry and Better Health

Today’s post is from Dr Zac Cox BDS, holistic dentist and firm believer in the body’s incredible healing capabilities. He discusses the link between dental health and disease as well as offering advice on how to achieve and maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums.

Your mouth is a window to your body’s health! In order to get back your health you’d be best advised to:

1. Add to your diet all the nutrition that it’s missing.

2. Remove your amalgams and other toxic metals but make sure it’s done safely by a holistic dentist, not your regular dentist.

3. Remove all dead teeth and all root filled teeth. Again, make sure it is done by a holistic dentist.

4. Treat jaw infections (cavitations) and treat gum disease.

Sounds drastic? Maybe, but holistic dentists and doctors are reporting that even the most life threatening dis-eases such as cancer, diabetes and heart dis-ease are positively impacted when when these simple steps are taken.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Our Yoga Workshop – A Sense of Calm

Today’s post is about our recent yoga workshop hosted by the lovely Barbara Gallani and with delicious refreshments from Gloria Halim of Rock on Divas.

On a rainy afternoon, a small group of people with cancer gathered at The Life Centre, Islington to learn more about how yoga can support the body and mind through illness.

We were welcomed with a green juice, freshly prepared by Gloria. A tangy blend of spinach, celery, cucumber, mint and green tea awakened our senses as Gloria kicked off proceedings by telling us of her own experiences. A few years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and embarked on a journey which led her to take charge of her own health. She re-educated and re-balanced herself and is now about to celebrate five years of living cancer free.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Take the Scare out of Losing your Hair

Today's post is by Sabine Brannan and Audrey Ball, two women who make it their business to support women through hair loss. They are joining forces to offer an exclusive workshop with Yes to Life, to help 'Take the Scare out of Losing your Hair'. The workshop is being held on Thursday October 16th at 2.30pm in Islington, London. For more information and to book tickets please click here.

As a woman the idea of losing your hair is incredibly difficult to come to terms with, yet this is the experience of around 8 million women in the UK today. Hair loss is a well-known side effect of chemotherapy, and during this especially tough time it can be even harder to find the self-confidence needed to face the world. You need not feel alone, we are here to share our experience and expertise to help you develop your own style and feel comfortable in your self, however you choose to manage and cope with your hair loss.