Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

Today’s post is by Oliver Dowding, an organic farmer from South East Somerset who produces broccoli sprout and wheatgrass juice for their incredible health properties.

With something like 50 trillion cells comprising our bodies, we’re in charge of one humongous life system. We are also in charge of something more sophisticated than any machine which man has ever created, including the most apparently phenomenal supercomputers. Yet how do we treat this wonderful body of ours? Sadly, we often don’t treat it nearly well enough.

We are a culture saturated in process-adulterated and additive laden food, which is highly inadequate to please our cellular structure and deliver its needs. If we want our ‘machine’ to operate at optimum levels, what we actually require is the finest nutrition. Yet when our body, this finely-tuned mechanism, breaks down and we suffer disease (dis-ease), we turn to the medical profession where chemical and pharmaceutical solutions are usually the first port of call. Whilst in some ways this is understandable, unfortunately these drugs and procedures can also have the effect of putting immense stress on the body, distorting and distracting its natural mechanism.

So is there another way to improve health? I would suggest certainly yes, and diet is the perfect place to start. The broccoli sprout and wheatgrass juices I produce are just one example of the incredible health enhancing properties that can be found in natural and organic foods.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

You've Kicked Cancer's Butt...So Now What?

Today's post is by Gloria Halim, holistic health coach, founder of Rock On Divas and author of 'Healing Foods Healthy Foods'. She writes about her experiences improving well-being and why if you are in need of a boost, the Rock On Divas Renew & Energize Retreat (19th-20th September) could be just for you!

I started on my health and wellness journey after being diagnosed and going through breast cancer treatment five years ago. Coming to the end of major treatment, I started asking questions and doing research into how I could heal and stay healthy after treatment. I needed to do something in order to keep myself from walking this cancer treatment journey ever again. Through my research and studying, I found there was a lot I could do and the place to start was to change my diet and lifestyle.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Road to Transylvania 2014 pt. 3

Today is our third post from Paul Stevens, a long-time Yes To Life supporter who is taking part in our cycle adventure to Transylvania in September 2014 and hoping to raise lots of money on the way! 

D-Day minus one month is upon me and if training has not been too high on the agenda, it needs to be now! It is a matter of pushing yourself hard, as the joys of climbing the Romanian mountains twice is not so far away.

This diagram shows our first climb, which will take place on day two. If you can read it, it shows we will be ascending over 2000 meters in less than 9km, at an angle of almost 45 degrees! That's probably two hours of hard uphill graft, a fantastic incentive to keep training!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Breast Cancer Seminar Review 2014: The Power of Choice with Dr. Contreras

Today's post follows on from our major annual seminar 'Breast Cancer - The Power of Choice' held on Saturday 4th of July 2014. The event was headlined by world renowned integrative oncologist Dr. Francisco Contreras from Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico, who alongside other experts aimed to separate myth from fact and share his extensive experience.

The UK has one of the highest incidence rates of breast cancer in the world and unfortunately it is a figure which is only rising. So as we sat to begin Yes to Life’s major annual seminar on the topic, it was not without the sense of standing up to issues which in some way affects us all. Hosted by Yes to Life’s founder Robin Daly, the event took place on Saturday 4th July at the beautifully historic Glazier’s Hall. Leading oncologists, doctors, nurses and health care professionals gathered with patients and carers to talk about the facts about breast cancer, the myths, the options open for sufferers and most importantly the hope for a healthier future.