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Breast Cancer Seminar 2014 - The Power of Choice

Today’s post is about our annual major seminar which is being held on Saturday 5th July 2014 from 9.30am to 4.30pm at Glazier’s Hall in London Bridge. This year we focus on the most common cancer for women in the UK today, Breast Cancer. To purchase tickets (lunch and refreshments included) please click here.

Most of us know someone who has had breast cancer. It is in fact the most common form of cancer in the UK today. Incidence rates have increased by a whopping 70% since the mid-1970’s and although orthodox
treatments have developed over the last few decades, thousands of people still die every year. Yes to Life’s seminar aims to bring to light alternative ways to support your body through breast cancer. With a stellar cast of speakers, from everyday women who have fought extraordinary battles, to professionals who have spent their careers finding the best ways to arm them, we hope to shed some light on the choices that can make all the difference.

Our headline speaker Dr. Francisco Contreras, one of the world’s leading authorities on integrative and alternative cancer treatment, is flying in from Mexico to share his astounding experiences serving as director, president and chairman of the Oasis of Hope Hospital. Dr Contreras advocates a Total Cancer Treatment Care Approach which focusses on treating the person as a whole. He is dissatisfied with the traditional goal of oncology, tumour destruction, and instead approaches medicine with the key word of ‘integration’. This means combining the best of orthodox and alternative medicine and treatments alongside a strict program of nutrition and strong provision of emotional and spiritual support. Treatments are intended to work together harmoniously, in a complementary or synergistic fashion, to slow or reverse the spread of cancer while promoting the physical and psychological health of the whole person. There are elements intended to kill cancer cells directly along with a number of adjuvant measures intended to make this tumour killing more effective as well as alleviate toxic risk to healthy cells.

Dr. Contreras’ holistic philosophy follows on from the pioneering work of his late father Dr. Ernesto Contreras Sr. who founded the hospital in 1963 and saw it grow to be one of the most successful cancer clinics in the world, delivering individualised treatment to over 100,000 patients from over 55 nations to date. And they get results… Oasis of Hope claims to have the best survival rates of any cancer clinic anywhere and put this all down to their unique approach. People who have been treated at the clinic invariably describe it as a ‘special place’. Between father and son the Contreras’ have helped create a momentous amount of new options and hope for cancer sufferers and it is a great honour that Dr. Contreras is coming to share some of that experience here in the UK.  He maintains that there is no ‘silver bullet’ that will cure cancer but that a multi-disciplined methodology is the best way forward, an approach which Yes to Life supports wholeheartedly.

As well as our visitors from Mexico, we will be joined for the seminar by Dr Siegfried Trefzer of the High Tree Medical Clinic who will talk about the benefits of hyperthermia therapy. Working by exposing body tissue to slightly higher temperatures, this treatment functions to damage and kill cancer cells or to make
cancer cells more sensitive to the effects of radiation and certain anti-cancer drugs.

Dr Stefen Geider from Camphill Medical Practice NHS, Aberdeen will explain the use of mistletoe in supporting the immune system. Patients from Dr. Geider’s trials have reported higher energy levels and motivation, better appetite and sleep and in some cases even tumour reduction. Dr. Geider believes individuals must be empowered in their own health care provision and his presentation on this semi-parasitic plant will illuminate just one of the many options out there for breast cancer patients to consider.
Joining our doctors will be two lifestyle gurus who will get everyone moving to demonstrate the importance and benefits of exercise. Barbara Gallani has practised Yoga for almost two decades and specialises in working with people with cancer. She will show how yoga can support and strengthen both physically and mentally and discuss the impact she has seen it make. Barbara is joined by Ted Poulter who works closely with Macmillan Cancer Support promoting the benefits of physical activity, who will show us how to build his techniques into everyday life.

In some ways there are no better experts than people who have actually been through cancer themselves and our seminar would not be complete without these stories. Two brave women will share their own journeys through breast cancer treatment and recovery, bringing to life the ultimate purpose of this seminar and our organisation, which is to allow people to say ‘Yes to Life’.

Breast Cancer need not be faced without hope and we are confident that our seminar will encourage more people to feel empowered in the choices they can make. Question and Answer sessions will be held throughout the day and there will also be the opportunity to meet the speakers. If you are interested in anything in this article please do not hesitate to purchase a ticket and join us or to find out more please contact Natasha Hayman:

To purchase tickets (lunch and refreshments included) please click here.

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