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On this page you will find a selection of stories that Yes To Life supporters have kindly shared with us. Everyone's experience of cancer is different but there can be so much to learn from the journeys of others. We hope you will find these pages a place of inspiration. 

If you have a story you would like to share, please get in touch.

My Work Experience at Yes To Life - Anna Jevons
14 year old Anna Jevons talks about her work experience behind the scenes at Yes to Life

A Mother's story by Virna Baillie Part 2
Virna shares the next installment of her story after her son was diagnosed with Sarcoma.

Keeping me sane-Penny Golledge

Penny explains the role of art as a coping mechanism through cancer.

A Mother's story by Virna Baillie Part 1

Virna shares her story after her son was diagnosed with Sarcoma.

Combining Approaches for Lung Cancer

Suzanne* shares her experiences putting together a integrative plan following her diagnosis with Lung Cancer in 2012.

Feeling Like a Human Being Again

Susan writes about her experience of conventional treatment for breast cancer and how taking a new approach helped to make her feel more human again.

Improving Quality of Life While Living with Cancer

Denise from Buckinghamshire shares some of the story of her cancer diagnosis and how nutritional advice with support from Yes To Life has helped to improve her quality of life.

Pauline's Long and Far Reaching Breast Cancer Journey

Pauline shares her search far and wide for a solution to her breast cancer over the last 15 years.

Finding an integrative path for non-Hodgkin lymphoma

This post is from one of our beneficiaries, Olive*, 47, from Kent who has kindly shared her experience of being treated for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Holistically healing from breast cancer
Maria shares about her experiences with both orthodox and alternative treatments for breast cancer.

Becoming a Cancer Widower

John's second blog in which he shares a more personal take on his experience of becoming a cancer widower and offers some advice on coming to terms with loss.

One UK Cancer Death Every 3 Minutes – We’re Dying for a Cure

This post is from John, who shares his personal experience of supporting a loved one through cancer and discusses how the way we approach cancer desperately needs to change.

A few words of gratitude

A short thank you from one of our beneficiaries, Keith, who has been following the Gerson Therapy protocol with support from Yes to Life.

My change in direction after a cancer recurrance
Claire, 47, from Devon took an integrative approach after suffering a recurrence of cancer.

Seeking alternatives in Mexico

This post is from one of our beneficiaries who has kindly agreed to share his story. Kent, 56, from Devon has travelled annually to Mexico for the past seven years to seek alternative approaches.

Five Year Experience: My Reflection

Olivia Tilton, Yes to Life Intern speaks on her experience of grief after losing her mum.

Pablo's journey through a brain tumour

Pablo, 26, from Wrangaton in Devon is living with a brain tumour.

Navigating Breast Cancer at 24

Josephine, 26, from London suffered awful reactions to nearly all the treatments she underwent but has since found many complementary approaches to support her recovery.

Finding the Support I Needed - My Breast Cancer Story

Lorraine, 49, from the South East was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and found much needed support in Yes to Life.

Breast Cancer, Metamorphosis and Me

Amanda, 43, from East Sussex was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer the day after her birthday. She has found a range of complementary approaches really beneficial and wants to share her experiences with others.

Regaining Control - My Breast Cancer Journey

Laurence, 53, from South East London underwent extensive treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. Whilst suffering gruelling side effects, she began to explore other options that could support her recovery.

‘Take Control and Live’ by Gillian Gill - a Review

In October 2000, Gillian Gill was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Her prognosis was bleak, with her oncologist breaking the devastating news that she had only a few months left to live. Yet here we are 14 years later, reading a very different story. Gilly’s book is the story of her unique journey through cancer; it is a story full of painful truths but also an incredible account of hope and an indomitable will to live.

Changing Sides

Written by one of our long time supporters, Jane Fior, a psychotherapist who for the last 23 years has been supporting cancer patients and those close to them face the impact, feelings and challenges of a cancer diagnosis and treatment that ensues.  In 2013 Jane was diagnosed with cancer and this is her truly moving story.  

From 'Why me?' to 'What more do I want from life?'.

Written by Claire Timmerman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at just 24 years old. Claire and her husband now hold Simply Sumptuous retreats in Orgiva, Southern Spain. We thank Claire for sharing her story with us.

(* names have been changed)

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