Thursday, 18 June 2015

‘How to be a Cancer Maverick’ by Nina Joy – a Review

This post is a review of Nina Joy's new book 'How to be a Cancer Maverick', a follow up to the highly successful ‘The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick’. Nina has spent the last two years defying predictions on her cancer prognosis by taking control of the management of her health. Since the publication of her first book Nina has taken daily calls on ‘how she is managing to live so successfully with cancer’, in this book she sets out to offer some answers. To purchase a copy please click here

Sometimes you pick up a book, and you know within a few pages that the person who sat down to write it is a truly remarkable individual. This is one of those books, and Nina Joy is one of those people. In August 2012 Nina was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, she was labelled ‘incurable’ and offered systematic chemotherapy as her last and only option.

‘In the blink of an eye, your life changes beyond comprehension. Everything you have held dear, and have taken for granted, is blown into smithereens. The future you thought you had – gone. The events and experiences you thought were yet to come – gone. Have you had you last birthday, your last Christmas? And bizarrely, I wondered if I would get to see the next series of Downton Abbey.’

The prognosis didn't sit well with Nina, who instinctively felt that she did have other options and it was just a case of finding them. Now almost three years later, Nina is enjoying good health and living life to the full. Having already shared her personal story in ‘The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick’ this follow up book is her guide to dealing with a cancer diagnosis and coming through it stronger than ever:

‘It has been said that what has happened to me is nothing short of a miracle. It feels like it to me! But the good news is that this miracle didn't just land on me from heaven. It’s one which I have had to figure out and work for, which makes it all the sweeter. More importantly it means that I can share the steps that I have taken, so that you may be able to create your own miracle too.’

As Nina would say, ‘hang on to your hats, let’s go Maverick!’

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

10 Great Things about Yes to Life's First 10 Years

In case you didn't already know, this month Yes to Life is celebrating its 10th birthday. In today's post our founder and chairman Robin Daly shares his top 10 great things about Yes to Life's first 10 years. Find out more about how you can get involved here.

1. Well number one has to be people: I have met so many extraordinary and lovely people on this journey. Before we even started to run any services, warm, resourceful, passionate and caring people started to get on board to help make Yes to Life into a reality. And that has only accelerated over the years, as more and more fantastic people are working in the charity and volunteering their skills, time and passion in an enormous variety of ways.

2. And number two - people: Once we had the bare bones of a service in place, we started interacting with, and supporting the most courageous, determined, creative people who came to us for help. It is an absolute privilege to be able to share a little part of their extraordinary lives - the immense challenges, the joys, the tears, the losses and the triumphs.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Robin hits the Airwaves - Watch out UK Health Radio!

Today's post is about a really exciting new development - Robin is hosting our very own show on UK Health Radio. The brand new 'Yes to Life Show' will be launching tomorrow at 9am (repeated at 9pm) with an interview with health journalist Jerome Burne, so don't miss it! 

As any of our followers will know, a few months ago we let our Founder and Chairman Robin Daly loose on the blog. His page 'Words from our Founder' has proved to be a big hit with Robin taking on many contentious topics and giving a wealth of insight and evidence as to why we need to rethink the way we approach cancer in the UK.

But Robin, never one to rest on his laurels, decided this platform was not enough. Now he has convinced the good people of UK Health Radio to give him his very own show! The 'Yes to Life Show' will be your weekly dose of everything that is moving forward in the world of cancer. Robin will be interviewing a diverse mix of scientists, oncologists, practitioners and extraordinary survivors who have exceeded all expectations by thinking outside of 'the box'.

Robin is planning on interrogating this 'box' and we are looking forward to hearing about all he may discover.