Friday, 22 June 2018

Working for a cancer charity - by Lily O'Connor

This week’s blog post has been written by our amazing work experience student, Lily O’Connor, who is only 15 years old and took to our busy office environment like a duck to water…

Your first job can be daunting let alone working in a cancer charity. Most of us have experienced cancer first or second hand at some point in our lives, but I never realised how much support is out there for people suffering with cancer, especially at Yes to Life.

People here at the charity do so much for people and I’ve learned so much in my short time here. I can say that now at the end of my experience I’m not scared of cancer, but I understand it. I’ve learned how lots of alternative treatments work for lots of different diagnoses, how to find practitioners, use different databases and more.

Working with Yes to Life has inspired me; despite what people go through they maintain a happy and have a sense of humour. It has made me appreciate life so much more and I’m so grateful for the experience. They made me feel so welcome and made every task fun.

I’m so happy Yes to Life was my first job and I’ve not only gained experience, I’ve gained friends and I’m definitely going to come back in the future to help out with all the fun events they arrange to support and raise money for these amazing people battling cancer.

Yes to Life are amazing and I thank them so much.

See you soon!

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