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What type of water are you drinking? - by Ileana Nguyen

In this week's blog, Ileana Nguyen of Holistic Healthcare discusses what is in the water we are drinking...

Some people will not spend a penny buying clean water or invest in water filtration because they believe tap water is clean enough. Well I guess if you fancy ingesting a load of chemicals then that's great! Others drink water stored in plastic bottles exposed to powerful oestrogen mimics, hormone disrupting xeno-oestrogens which come from the plastic and plasticiser which makes the plastic pliable.
The practice of making water safe to drink actually involves adding large amounts of questionable chemicals to it. Key scientists are now providing evidence that long-term ingestion of small amounts of chemicals like these could be the cause of some major health problems. Professor Samuel Epstein, environmental toxicologist has warned us well over 30 years ago of the chemicals found in our environmental which also includes those in personal care products.
Here is a list of just a few of the chemicals routinely added to our water supply:
  • Liquified chlorine
  • Fluorosilicic acid
  • Aluminium sulphate
  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Sodium silicofluoride
Even if the water leaves the source in a relatively clean state, don't forget that your water travels through pipes, which may have been underground since Victorian times (in the UK). It is almost impossible for the water not to become contaminated by something undesirable.
Contaminants in Tap Water
Tap water is treated with a large number of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. In addition, it may contain other undesirable contaminants like toxic metal salts, hormones and pesticides, or it may become contaminated by chemicals or microbes within pipes (e.g. lead, bacteria, protozoa). Philip Day, UK health reporter has covered a lot on Fluoride.
Typical Tap Water Content:
  • Chlorine
  • Fluorine compounds
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Salts of:
    • arsenic
    • radium
    • aluminium
    • copper
    • lead
    • mercury
    • cadmium
    • barium
  • Hormones
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides
On PUBMED, a search for 'Fluoride toxicity' showed 2443 articles!

Good News ‘Prominent researcher apologises for pushing fluoride’

By Barry Forbes
(Article from the Tribune, Mesa, AZ Sunday, December the 5th 1999)
I had just tracked down Dr. Hardy Limeback, B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry, DDS, Head of the Department of Preventative Dentistry for the University of Toronto and President of the Canadian Association for Dental Research. Dr. Limeback is Canada’s leading fluoride authority and, until recently, the country’s primary promoter of the controversial additive.
In a surprising newsmaker interview, Dr. Limeback announced a dramatic change of heart. “Children under three should never use fluoridated toothpaste,” he counseled. “Or drink fluoridated water. And baby formula must never be made up using Toronto tap water. Never.” Why, I wondered? What could have caused such a powerful paradigm shift? “It’s been building up for a couple of years,” Limeback told me during a recent telephone interview. “But certainly, the crowning blow was the realisation that we have been dumping contaminated fluoride into water reservoirs for half a century. The vast majority of all fluoride additives come from Tampa Bay, Florida smokestack scrubbers. The additives are a toxic by-product of the super-phosphate fertiliser industry.”
“Tragically,” he continued, “that means we’re not just dumping toxic fluoride into our drinking water. We’re also exposing innocent, unsuspecting people to deadly elements of lead, arsenic and radium, all of them carcinogenic. Because of the cumulative properties of toxins, the detrimental effects on human health are catastrophic.” A recent study at the University of Toronto confirmed Dr. Limeback’s worst fears. “Residents of cities that fluoridate have double the fluoride in their hip bones vis-a-vis the balance of the population. Worse, we discovered that fluoride is actually altering the basic architecture of human bones.” Skeletal fluorosis is a debilitating condition that occurs when fluoride accumulates in bones, making them extremely weak and brittle. The earliest symptoms? “Mottled and brittle teeth,” Dr. Limeback told me. “In Canada we are now spending more money treating dental fluorosis than we do treating cavities. That includes my own practice.”
One of the most obvious living experiments today, Dr. Limeback believes, is a proof-positive comparison between any two Canadian cities. “Here in Toronto we’ve been fluoridating for 36 years. Yet Vancouver-which has never fluoridated- has a cavity rate lower than Toronto’s.” And, he pointed out; cavity rates are low all across the industrialized world including Europe, which is 98% fluoride free. Low because of improved standards of living, less refined sugar, regular dental check-ups, flossing and frequent brushing. Now less than 2 cavities per child Canada-wide, he said. “I don’t get it, Doc. Last month, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) ran a puff piece all across America saying the stuff was better than sliced bread. What’s the story?”
“Unfortunately,” he replied, “the CDC is basing its position on data that is 50 years old, and questionable at best. Absolutely no one has done research on fluorosilicates, which is the junk they’re dumping into the drinking water.”
“On the other hand,” he added, “the evidence against systemic fluoride in-take continues to pour in.”
“But Doc, the dentists…”
“I have absolutely no training in toxicity,” he stated firmly. “Your well-intentioned dentist is simply following 50 years of misinformation from public health and the dental association. Me, too. Unfortunately, we were wrong.”
Last week, Dr. Hardy Limeback addressed his faculty and students at the University of Toronto, Department of Dentistry. In a poignant, memorable meeting, he apologised to those gathered before him. “Speaking as the head of preventive dentistry, I told them that I had unintentionally misled my colleagues and my students. For the past 15 years, I had refused to study the toxicology information that is readily available to anyone. Poisoning our children was the furthest thing from my mind.”
“The truth,” he confessed to me, “was a bitter pill to swallow, but swallow it I did.” South of the border, the paradigm shift has yet to dawn. After half a century of delusion, the CDC, American Dental Association and Public Health stubbornly and skillfully continue to manipulate public opinion in favour of fluoridation. Meantime, study after study is delivering the death knell of the deadly toxin. Sure, fluoridation will be around for a long time yet, but ultimately its supporters need to ready the life rafts. The poisonous water of doubt and confusion are bound to get choppier. “Are lawsuits inevitable?” I asked the good doctor. “Remember tobacco,” was his succinct reply. Welcome, Dr. Limeback, to the far side of the fluoride equation. It’s lonely over here, but in our society loneliness and truth frequently travel hand in hand. Thank you for the undeniable courage of your convictions.
For more information on Fluoride, visit The Fluoride Action Network (
Acute Fluoride Toxicity from Toothpaste Ingestion. Click here to read more

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