Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Seeking alternatives in Mexico

Today’s post is from one of our beneficiaries who has kindly agreed to share his story. Kent, 56, from Devon has travelled annually to Mexico for the past seven years to seek alternative approaches.

After about six months of investigative tests and treatment for a non-existent ulcer, I was diagnosed in September 2007 with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My first response was to either go for a trial drug or chemotherapy and radiation. But after a little research I realized how na├»ve I was and choose to discount previous orthodox options that had not yet been offered to me. I was told that when I got worse those options would become available to me but for the time being my treatment would be 'watchful waiting'.

The only orthodox treatment I had was diagnostic, some surgery to biopsy two lymph nodes and determine if I indeed had cancer. The biopsies confirmed that I did.
The surgeon was a bit of a control freak in my opinion. Had I not been so inexperienced and uneducated in medical matters and trusting of doctors, I would not have agreed to the procedure at all. I now have a 15cm lateral scar running down the centre of my belly. Keyhole surgery could have been used, but it would have cost more. The other possible side effect of the surgery was that it made my lymphoma spread above the diaphragm.

Previously when the doctors were trying to diagnose my condition, I was also subjected to two full abdomen CT scans and was never warned of the excessive radiation that the body receives when doing these tests. Since that time I have refused to have any more CT scans. I agree to MRI and ultrasound scans only.

My sister informed me about a clinic in Mexico where several friends of hers had very good results. I was somewhat sceptical at first but I did my research and found credible evidence that what was done at the Bio Medical Centre in Tijuana Mexico was effective for many of the cancer patients who followed their regimes.

The lifestyle changes they suggest include: avoiding all processed foods, eating fresh and organic where possible, avoiding alcohol, caffeine, white sugar, white salt, vinegar, tomatoes, and pork and taking a black tonic four times a day, along with other supplements.

The doctors at the clinic give you a complete physical examination and may order tests (blood work, x-rays, etc.), before they decide what is the best way forward to treat your disease.

During my treatment over the last seven years my lymphoma has remained stable. When I go to see my consultant in the UK, I have been told that I am doing so well there is nothing that they can do at the moment to treat me. They have explained that the orthodox treatments can be counter-productive in the progression of lymphoma if offered too early. In other words the treatment would make me sicker than the lymphoma. At least that is my understanding of their explanation as to why I am currently not being treated by the NHS.

During the very early days when I was just diagnosed with lymphoma I was looking at the possibility of intravenous vitamin c treatment. There is a practitioner around the Bristol area who told me about Yes to Life and how they help people that want to pursue alternative approaches.

I called the Yes to Life helpline and a very nice lady, who I recall was from somewhere in the north western United States, answered my call and was very helpful in telling what my options were and how Yes to Life could be of assistance. I certainly appreciate the assistance I received from her, because it gave me further impetus to pursue alternative approaches that have proven to be very beneficial for me.

Yes to Life currently supports me with funding. This funding is crucial in helping me with my yearly trips to Tijuana where I receive my medications, supplements, and monitoring of my lymphoma. The funding helps with the costs of the supplements and the special diet that I follow to help keep my cancer under control.

Yes to Life are an organization that wants to help make alternative approaches a reality and a success. They understand people like me, who do not wish to pursue a well-worn and unsuccessful route to cancer treatment and for that, and all who support them, I am very grateful.

With awareness rising and demand for our services at an all-time high we need your backing more than ever.  Donate today and help us support more people like Kent

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