Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A few words of gratitude

Today’s post is a short thank you from one of our beneficiaries, Keith, who has been following the Gerson Therapy protocol with support from Yes to Life.

May I offer a few words of gratitude to Yes To Life and of course it’s fundraisers for the incredible self-less consideration being paid to others like myself. I was diagnosed over two years ago with an advanced stage blood cancer, which can only be treated conventionally but not cured.
My body was literally riddled with disease both visibly on the surface and within. Immediately after my diagnosis I embarked on the Gerson Therapy in order to rebuild my immune system. Gerson is well established as an answer to cancer but of course the costs are not borne by drug companies or governments. Thanks in no small part to the kindness of Yes to Life and others I have been able to maintain the rather demanding cost of the full Gerson protocol alongside other adjunct therapies which combined have put me into an advanced state of recovery.

I cannot yet claim to be cured and would not be so foolish as to pull back on my protocol until way beyond the point of all disease signs disappearing. Simply trusting in a cure once the tumour burden is no longer visible would appear to leave the door open for disease to return.

Content with the knowledge I have gathered through this journey and more than happy to continue on the path I have laid out for my recovery and return to full health I can only again offer my deepest gratitude to Yes To Life for helping to make possible what has actually become quite an exciting adventure.

With awareness rising and demand for our services at an all-time high we need your backing more than ever.  Donate today and help us support more people like Keith

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