Monday, 3 November 2014

What will you leave behind when you go?

Today's post is about the difference you can make to others through Yes to Life, by setting up a legacy.

It’s a question that many people consider at some time in their life, one that drives many to want to have a positive impact on society in one way or other, to value their friends and family, to pass on their lifetime’s wisdom through writing or some other medium, or a host of other initiatives. Many of
us have a sense of ourselves as part of a continuum that others, particularly our own children, will continue to inhabit after we are gone.

One of the greatest storehouses of potential accumulated by people takes the form of their lifetime’s savings, often, but not always in the form of their home. At the end of life, the necessity of a home or savings may disappear or be only needed in part by others. This creates an opening for doing something amazing with your ‘nest egg’ of life capital.

In order for ‘something amazing’ to be one of the possibilities your life results in for others, a little time needs to be given to considering this now, whilst you have the time and energy to devote to it.

Yes to Life is largely funded by the general public. In this way it is a kind of ‘social service’ where people are looking after others who want to access the benefits of Integrative Medicine (IM) to help them back to health, but who lack the means. As you may already be aware, Yes to Life was the first charity to give this sort of direct help with accessing IM and is still largely the only one. Before this people were on their own, faced with the fact that although there may be answers for them out there, they might be beyond their financial reach. Beneficiaries of our grants scheme and our personal fundraising schemes don’t hold back on letting us know about the difference this has made to them, not only practically, but also psychologically.

“Thank you so much, your support is hugely appreciated. This is great news…I can put the £100 this month towards my supplements. Once again, thanks so very much. You guys are simply amazing.”

“I heard today that I have been given a contribution of £100 towards my treatment/supplements and I wanted to say thank you so much to you for your part in this. I understand also that I can apply for this contribution monthly and that I will receive it on an ad hoc basis which is fantastic news for me. It will make a significant difference to my finances.”

“It is great to hear you can help me this time around too, I am so grateful to you and really humbled by all the help you are giving me at the moment. I continue to keep well and  I pray it stays that way. Many thanks and God richly bless you all.”

“I would like you to pass on to the team how deeply I appreciate the support from Yes to Life for the supplements - it is a tremendous relief to the strain of paying for such vital aspects of my health.”

“I really appreciate all the efforts you make for me and other cancer patients who are financially challenged.”

“Thank you!!! so much!!!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate this. I don’t know what to say... Yes to Life’s support will allow me to transform my health situation in such a huge way.” 

“Thank you again. I have been fighting cancer for 8 years now and you are the first organisation that has helped me with funding the considerable cost. I really do appreciate it.” 

You may be in a position to affect the lives of large numbers of people, providing precious support when at their most vulnerable. By leaving a legacy to Yes to Life you could have a really significant impact on the ability of Yes to Life to provide more support to more people.

If you would like to have an open ended chat about the possibly of setting up a legacy to benefit Yes to Life, please either call our office on 0845 257 6950 and speak to Sue DeCesare or email

For further information on legacies please click here.

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