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'Your mouth is a window to your health' - Holistic Dentistry and Better Health

Today’s post is from Dr Zac Cox BDS, holistic dentist and firm believer in the body’s incredible healing capabilities. He discusses the link between dental health and disease as well as offering advice on how to achieve and maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums.

Your mouth is a window to your body’s health! In order to get back your health you’d be best advised to:

1. Add to your diet all the nutrition that it’s missing.

2. Remove your amalgams and other toxic metals but make sure it’s done safely by a holistic dentist, not your regular dentist.

3. Remove all dead teeth and all root filled teeth. Again, make sure it is done by a holistic dentist.

4. Treat jaw infections (cavitations) and treat gum disease.

Sounds drastic? Maybe, but holistic dentists and doctors are reporting that even the most life threatening dis-eases such as cancer, diabetes and heart dis-ease are positively impacted when when these simple steps are taken.


Studies have shown that mercury leaks from fillings and rapidly spreads to every organ in your body, making you and every cell of your body a walking antenna for microwaves/RF. Why? Because every cell of your body will have metal in it.

Couple to that the fact that mercury damages the blood brain barrier and is the most potent neurotoxic element known to man and you have a recipe for ES! Mercury especially builds up in the heart, anyone have palpitations!? As well as in the thyroid, causing fatigue and a propensity to depression and anxiety.

In fact there are very few dis-eases which are NOT associated with this awful substance! See for more details. Also a must-read is ‘Toxic Dentistry revealed’ by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall BDS and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall BDS. This book reveals some very heart-warming case histories of people recovering from just about every dis-ease under the sun following holistic dentistry!

Even if you don’t have mercury fillings you may still have heavy metal toxicity from exposure to lead (incidentally tooth decay rates have dropped dramatically since they banned lead from petrol) in vaccinations, pesticides, coal fired power stations etc.

The highest concentration of mercury builds up in the foetus. This could be a factor in autism seeing as it is a well-established fact that autistic children cannot detoxify mercury from their bodies. And furthermore when they do have the heavy metals removed by chelation they recover from autism! So the developing baby is unfortunately not protected in the womb and receives high doses of mercury from mum. If only dentists would stop using this poison!

Dead teeth/ root filled teeth

Studies have shown that about 80% of root-filled teeth are infected. The toxins released from these teeth are comparable to botulinum. This is very, very poisonous and has the effect of draining your energy and suppressing your immune system. Long term the toxins from these teeth may well be
carcinogenic. The Parcellus clinic in Switzerland reported that nearly all their breast cancer patients had root-filled teeth. And Drs Munro-Hall report that in 30 years of helping their patients they had never seen a cancer patient without a root-filling or a jaw infection, and that the cancer was always on the same side of the body as the root filling or infection.

It’s well established and accepted that gum dis-ease is associated with cancer but it’s not widely accepted that root-fillings / jaw infections are. Personally I don’t know of any adult cancer patient who does not have a root-filling / jaw infection (young children with cancer have generally been exposed to radiation).

The reason that root-fillings become infected is that there are literally miles of microscopic tubules inside teeth that dentists cannot fill. These tubes become infected and release poisons into your jaw bone and hence into your blood stream. Dentists don’t pick these infections up on x-ray but they are visible on CT scans, ultra-sound and thermal imaging.

Jaw infections (cavitations)

When a tooth is extracted most dentists will leave the periodontal membrane inside the socket. However holistic dentists will remove this membrane together with any infected / dead bone. Nice!
When the membrane is left in place it essentially traps bacteria inside the jaw bone and these bugs eat away the bone leaving a hollow space. Again, this is another contentious subject as most dentists don’t accept they exist. Well, I have to say what you don’t look for you don’t find. So even if you have dentures you can still have jaw infections. And these infections are highly toxic and slowly wear down your immune system ... and you with it!

Can you get well without dealing with these dental issues? Well, most people can but there seems to be a stubborn percentage who cannot get well until they deal with these issues. And then they have often made dramatic recoveries.

I’d definitely recommend embarking on a common sense approach to getting well before dealing with the dental issues. Commit to 3 months of living ‘clean’ and then get the dentistry done. Again, I have to stress please, please go to a holistic dentist, not your routine dentist and look forward to your health improving.

For more information on Zac’s work, please click here.

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