Thursday, 15 June 2017

A Personal Journey with Cancer - A Talk by Natascha Laing

We wanted to share this vlog with you by the amazing Natascha Laing discussing her personal journey with cancer.

Some words by Natascha about this talk...

"This talk was made to happen by Michael Kern, he has been gently encouraging me to share my story in the hope that I will write a book at some point. 

Though for me I am still very much in the journey of my life, and moment to moment is still very much how I live. This talk was the first time I had ever spoken publicly about myself, and though people are always telling me I have a great message to share, I myself don't know what that message is.

I am not on any social media and not used to putting myself out in that way. Life is such a great mystery for us all, and more so for me as time goes on.

For me being able to embrace my life as it is moment to moment is where I find the most peace, cancer or no cancer."

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