Thursday, 7 July 2016

Feel-good Treats Declared by Cancer Survivors!

Today's blog is from Anjana Nathwani, the founder of Athena Business Psychologists, who talks about the importance of treats for people living with cancer and beyond.

Anjana Nathwani
As a two-time survivor of cancer, I believe it is important to treat oneself! Emotional well-being is an important part of the healing process and treats have that feel-good factor, which reminds us that Life is a Luxury!

I am now working with people who have been through the cancer experience and have returned to work.  I have spoken with 100 plus people on what they consider is a treat!  Overwhelmingly most people commented that what they once took for granted they now consider a valuable treat.  I was astonished and yet agreed.  And these are my top five treats:

#Music - this was number one on everyone’s list.  Time to wind down and chill with favourite tunes and melodies.  15 minutes every evening to soothe the mind and forget the happenings of the day! This process of emptying with music allows the brain to recharge.

#Friends - your time is taken up with diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  Whilst friends and family help, most activities are on hold as energy is limited.  Spending time with favourite people was rated as a treat.  Emma Seppala, the happiness expert cites that we are born to be social and how interactions support our well-being.  85% of my sample concurred with this!

#Nature - the greenness of fields and the stillness of water are nourishing.  Being able to enjoy walks and to feel fit to do this is a great confidence booster.  Exercise and oxygen help prevention and recurrence of the illness, as well as to rebuild strength.

#Integrative Therapies - regular massage, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, dance, reflexology… there is an endless list of choices available.  These treatments are essential to keep toxins at bay and to keep energy levels steady.  The charity Yes to Life supports people who want to take a proactive role in their treatment.

#New Self - most people said that having cancer has changed them.  It is a new lease of life and there is an unexpected appreciation of life that develops.  The treatments and the experience do impact mental health, with one in four having depression and one in ten have acute depression.  To discover the new self, 65% of my sample said they did a course, went on a retreat or had expert help!

As a Business Psychologist,  I have drawn on my personal cancer experience and  developed programmes to energise people, during and post their cancer experience.   The purpose of the programmes is to stimulate rediscovery, reengagement and to renew, replan, resurge, and rejuvenate a ‘REME.’

All our programmes focus on transformation and re-tuning the brain!  They include: one-to-one mentoring , one day retreats, workplace clinics,  and online courses.

10% of proceeds go to our adopted charity Yes to Life!

You can find out more here:

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