Thursday, 3 March 2016

Pauline's Long and Far Reaching Breast Cancer Journey

Today's post is from one of our beneficiaries, Pauline, 64, from the Wirral who has kindly shared her experience of finding an alternative path for breast cancer. 

I was diagnosed in 2001 with breast cancer. Of course it came as a huge shock to me but I realised that prior to my diagnosis I had been through a very sad period in my life - separating from the man I loved and being severely depressed.

The only physical symptom was the lump I found whilst crying myself to sleep one night. At the time I refused all orthodox treatment.  It wasn't until 2005 that I underwent any treatment, when I had ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) in Spain - electrical voltages basically cooked the tumour and it came out through the breast.  I lost most of the breast and thought I was clear, so had become less diligent with my routine, but slowly it came back.

Finally in 2012 I had a mastectomy to clean the site on the chest wall, but they didn't get it all and I am now dealing with severe chest wall recurrence having spread to the remaining breast.

Since I started following an alternative approach to treating my cancer I've been feeling better than I did before my diagnosis.  After getting my initial diagnosis I embarked on an holistic regime including a partial Gerson therapy with 3 juices a day and coffee enemas.  I also took homeopathic remedies, iscador (mistletoe extract) and lots of supplements.

In 2011 I underwent hyperthermia treatment, which helped for a while.  I also used an infra red sauna and received vitamin C infusions

In December 2014 I went to the GcMAF Clinic in Switzerland for a 3 week treatment and was scheduled to continue this treatment for the next 12 months.  Unfortunately the clinic was closed down, so I was unable to continue with the treatment plan.  The whole experience was expensive and disappointing, as they were unable to deliver the full treatment plan that had been promised.

Despite my condition, I felt in control of things and healthier than I did before the diagnosis, but the tumour was still spreading, so I kept searching for more treatments that I believed in and that I could afford.

In August 2015 I decided to go to The Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico, which caused me to go further into debt but I was very pleased with the treatments they did.  I did their standard Contreras Protocol, which includes laetrile, hyperthermia, ozone therapy and dendritic cell vaccine.

Since returning from Mexico last October I have been following their home protocol, which is an integrative approach. I was on low dose Xeloda for 2 rounds, which I tolerated well but couldn't afford to continue, so have now switched to Letrozole, which is available on NHS.  Dr. Contreras from The Oasis of Hope Hospital agrees that since my cancer is highly estrogen positive, this is a good choice for me.

I would not have considered pharmaceuticals in the past, but given the severity of my condition and the faith I put into the treatment, I am feeling hopeful about this course of action.  Chest wall progression is something that is not talked about enough and so I think of myself as a guinea pig for this.

Yes To Life has been such a blessing in helping me to afford treatments such as Vitamin C.  They were also very positive and helped me to feel that there was hope when I called.  I spoke to Patricia Peat, who was very helpful when I was trying to decide on my options, even though she acknowledged that cases such as mine were not easy to help.

Yes To Life means that finally we are seeing the sea-change that I once dreamed of.  For all the people out there looking for guidance.....Yes To Life is there to help!

If you'd like to know more about my story, please have a look at the following links.  I wrote a book in 2009 and also try to write about my experiences on my blog.

My book website:
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