Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Like, Comment, Share: Top posts

Today's blog is a round up of your favourite posts from our Facebook page over the past three months. We love sharing the latest news, research and all the inspiring stories which come our way. Please 'like' us if you are interested in joining the conversation.

In case you missed them here are the top 5 posts which got you all talking over the past few months.

1. Why I'm saying no to a smear

An interesting, and in many ways controversial article from GP Dr Margaret McCartney explaining the reasons why she will not be taking parting in cervical and breast screening. She says 'I'm not against screening, but I am against unthinking screening' and presents a strong case for rethinking our current approach to screening for cancer.

2. I ate 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. This is what happened

A shocking (and hilarious) article from Damon Gameau, who after giving up sugar for three years, reintroduced 40 hidden teaspoons a day for 60 days to see how would it affect his health. No prizes for guessing that it wasn't an improvement...  His story features in the documentary 'That Sugar Film', a huge hit across Australia.

3. New complementary healthcare centre opening in Chester

Sharon Shelbourne, a former NHS nurse has opened Beehive Healthcare, an Integrative clinic in Chester offering a range of complementary and conventional treatments under one roof.

Further information on the different treatments and services available can be found on Facebook at fb.com/beehivehealthcare, on Twitter @BHiveHealthcare, and on LinkedIn by searching for Beehive Healthcare.

4. Our Linseed Workshop

Information about our recent workshop 'Seeds of Change' held at the Linseed Farm, where beneficiaries learnt about Linseed, Lymphs and Life Coaching with 3 experts. Watch this space for a blog about the day itself.

5. Alternative therapies: What's the Harm? My Response to Cancer Research UK

A video from Chris Wark that discusses Cancer Research's position regarding complementary and alternative methods of healing.

So that concludes are our top five for this quarter, thanks for following!

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