Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Robin hits the Airwaves - Watch out UK Health Radio!

Today's post is about a really exciting new development - Robin is hosting our very own show on UK Health Radio. The brand new 'Yes to Life Show' will be launching tomorrow at 9am (repeated at 9pm) with an interview with health journalist Jerome Burne, so don't miss it! 

As any of our followers will know, a few months ago we let our Founder and Chairman Robin Daly loose on the blog. His page 'Words from our Founder' has proved to be a big hit with Robin taking on many contentious topics and giving a wealth of insight and evidence as to why we need to rethink the way we approach cancer in the UK.

But Robin, never one to rest on his laurels, decided this platform was not enough. Now he has convinced the good people of UK Health Radio to give him his very own show! The 'Yes to Life Show' will be your weekly dose of everything that is moving forward in the world of cancer. Robin will be interviewing a diverse mix of scientists, oncologists, practitioners and extraordinary survivors who have exceeded all expectations by thinking outside of 'the box'.

Robin is planning on interrogating this 'box' and we are looking forward to hearing about all he may discover.

In the first instalment of the show Robin will be interviewing Jerome Burne, who has been a health journalist for over twenty years. Jerome is also interested in asking difficult questions, the tagline on his own blog says it all:

'We are fat, sick and tired because of the way we live. Doctors agree in theory that a healthier lifestyle is the key to prevention. But in practice they rely on drugs. The sane solution is being serious about tackling the cause.'

So it seems they will have lots to talk about!

Robin and Jerome will be asking, 'what is cancer really?' and examining the premise that perhaps if we understood the causes of cancer better, we could prevent and treat it more effectively.

They will explore the foundational concepts that are driving all research and treatment and the profound effects these concepts are having at the level of patients and their treatment and survival.

Another important question that will be addressed is 'why has the colossal investment in research produced so few answers?' With the joint crisis of health and economy we face, this is one of the most topical, and important, questions we need an answer to.

So they might not figure out all of the answers, but you are guaranteed a lively discussion and a host of new ideas to explore.

The Yes to Life Show will be broadcast 9.00 am every Thursday, repeated at 9.00 pm on the same day and again on Sundays at 10.00 am and 10.00 pm, and Tuesdays at 11.00 am and 11.00 pm.  Listen here

You can also listen on demand by clicking here

Read some of Jerome's fantastic articles here

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