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Embracing Better Health through 'Coffee with a Purpose'

Today's post is from founder of Loveursoul and creator of 'Coffee with a Purpose', Lucy Batham-Read. 'Coffee with a Purpose' is a support group scheme designed to bring together practitioners and those interested in taking control of their health holistically to share knowledge, experiences and of course coffee! Lucy is working in partnership with us to win funding to start a 'Yes to Life Coffee with a Purpose' scheme specifically run by, and for, people who have or have had cancer. To find out more and vote for us to win please click here it is free and takes a few minutes, thank you!

‘Coffee with a Purpose’ is all about bringing people together to find ways to boost well-being and define boundaries to remain healthy in mind, body and soul. These groups are supportive spaces where people can begin to work out what is right for their own health and start to make choices that will help them to live the life they want.

Living in the 21st century is tough at the best of times but living life to the full can be made much easier if you listen to your body, live from the heart, trust your instinct, and forgive yourself for being human. Sometimes it takes trauma for us to wake up and ‘smell the coffee ‘and whilst this may be an incredibly tough way to do it, for some it is the beginning of their freedom.

My own life has, in parts, been incredibly tough both physically and emotionally and I have learnt some hard lessons. Now it is time to put those lessons to good use.
I have learnt that everything in life begins and ends with love. Not in a ‘fluffy’ way but in a way that looks internally at the individual and has no judgement of either ourselves or others. Part of life is learning as you go, but no one gives you an instruction manual. It’s not like school, where you have a textbook to read then hopefully you pass the test. Life is much more layered and tricky than this, which is why supporting each other along the journey is so important.

Our actual experiences are the manual, and the more we experience each moment, the more rewarding the lesson may be. Part of being here, is experiencing all of life’s struggles, triumphs, relationships, and glorious ups and downs. Situations, setbacks, disease, divorce, breakups, fear and frustration can make you wonder, “What is it all for?”  The majority of us fall into dark holes of feeling like we are going through life alone, and our problems are bigger than us.

But we are not alone, and this scheme is designed to help people realise that.

When trauma such as cancer hits our world the first thought is fear and perhaps the second is our own mortality. We are then thrust into a chaos of treatment, prognosis and survival. At the end of this tunnel we are effectively dropped off the side of the proverbial cliff and told to start flying whilst everyone else goes back to their ‘normal’ life.

Life is never ‘normal’ after cancer and nobody can ever tell you that you are ‘cured’ so this leaves you in some sort of state of limbo constantly looking out for signs that it may have returned yet desperate to be positive about the future.  For many, the next two or three years after cancer are spent constantly looking over your shoulder for the 'what if …' or 'is that a sign …..'

Our plan is to face fear in its truth and unravel what it means for each person to help build a foundation that is so strong that cancer has no option but to fade away, leaving a person as not only a survivor but a thriver from cancer and able to shine the light for others to ensure they too stay healthy for longer.

'Coffee with a Purpose' is designed to help people change and grow rather than get stuck and stagnate. We all need support in our lives but in a constant powerful way not a suffocating, controlling way.

At the moment we run the scheme with therapists. People often become therapists because they too have needed to turn to alternatives to gain balance with their own health and well-being. As a result of this, they have a fundamental passion to help others heal and thrive.

Our programme helps therapists to share the wonderful things they are doing and create a ripple effect of 'prevention is better than cure' by talking to people about why they are so passionate about what they do and taking them on a journey to better health. After all, a great teacher never gives all the answers but allows the student to hear the answers when they are ready to apply them to their own world.

If we win funding through Aviva I will be working with Yes to Life to start five new groups across the UK run by, and for, people who have or had have cancer. I believe this scheme has the potential to help a lot of people along their own healing journeys and I really hope you will support us by voting (for free) here.

With much gratitude and love,

Lucy xxx

Find out more about Loveursoul here

Vote for us to win funding here


"For me Loveursoul has simply been the difference between surviving and not surviving breast cancer. It has been about looking inward and understanding that I need to live the life I feel is right not the one I think is right. It has brought me to a place of happiness and gratitude that makes every day an adventure! Thank you Lucy for giving me step one on that journey."
Anonymous client

"I really recommend working with Lucy and Loveursoul. It's a fabulous concept 'Coffee with A Purpose' and brings communities together to inform and support each other, whilst relaxing over a nice cuppa. What more can you ask for?"
Mo Froud - Acupuncturist

"I believe passionately in the importance of emotional well-being to overall health and work with clients and services to be part of a positive self-care network. I work with Lucy and Loveursoul because they share this belief and empower others to take responsibility for their own well-being and health. It feels like a great match!"
Dr Sharie Coombes - Psychotherapist

"'Coffee with a Purpose' is the perfect stepping stone to creating a better life for yourself. It uses proven principles and techniques to get you started on your personal journey to a better you."
Pete Cohen – Life Coach 

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