Thursday, 13 March 2014

BIKEast 2014 Transylvanian Transfagarasan Cycling Adventure - are you up for the challenge?

Our Yes to Life bikers thought they had cracked it with the last leg of the BIKEast Challenge when they made it to Istanbul. They looked longingly at the photos of gleaming faces and reconnect with the euphoria whilst reminiscing that incredible journey. 

Well it’s time to oil up the bike chain, get back into the saddle and start training for the next big adventure with the Yes to Life team of bikers and a host of new bikers.
In association with Adventure Café, Yes to Life are back into training for the Transylvanian Transfagarasan Cycle Challenge. Join this incredible ride through one of Eastern Europe’s least visited corners.  Explore the amazing Carpathian Mountains, ride across the incomparable Transfagarasan Highway and explore the legend of Count Dracula (ooooh you have been warned) as the ride reaches a crescendo at Bran Castle high in the mountains. Four days of riding with an amazing slice through life in rural Romania.
Organising the event is a Yes to Life friend, Paul Stevens, who gave us this insight into his experience with BikEast and the Yes to Life Bikers:
"6 years ago, I was an 18 stone, 20 a day, middle aged smoker. Now, thanks to Yes to Life and Bikeast, I am a fit, healthy 50 year old, 17 stone non-smoker (OK. I love my food, otherwise I wouldn't weigh as much as that, but that’s beside the point!!). What I am trying to say is that I am certainly no Bradley Wiggins, but, I have the determination to succeed and a thirst to finish what I have started. I am not alone either. I have made some ''life-long'' friends along the way and we are looking forward to our numbers growing on our next leg and welcoming a host of new riders for 2014 and beyond."

It’s not just about the cycling challenge; it’s a cultural experience and a chance to raise money to help people with cancer.

It all starts on the 5th September 2014 so get training!
To find out the full details of the trip and to book your place, please visit Adventure Café’s website:

For more information about Yes to Life and the work that we do, or to find out more about past BIKEast events, please click here:

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